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  • Victoria Double Deluxe , handwired tweed 4 X 6V6 30/40 Watt 2X12 Combo

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Victoria Amps is one of the original American boutique amp brands from the 90's wave of boutique amps.

No compromises made in construction or parts quality of these amps, mostly replicas of/variations of classic Fender designs from the golden 1950's.

The Double Deluxe is what the name says. Fender's late 50's narrow panel 5E3 Deluxe amp was around 15 Watts from two 6V6 power tubes and one 12" speaker - Victoria's double deluxe has four 6V6 power tubes and two 12" speakers, making for 30 to 40 watts.

The classic feel, sound, compression, midrange and distortion of a classic late 50's tweed Deluxe, but with considerably more clean headroom.   This turns the amp into a realistic stage amp that will hold its own next to a hard hitting drummer with some clean headroom to spare instead of turning into instant distorted mush - a problem you can have with a regular tweed deluxe.

The amp is in great (used) condition, has been well maintained and is stage- or studio ready, Ex-Triggerfinger owned.

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