Black Mountain spring action thumb pick (various models)


Black Mountain is a reputed Canadian company specializing in musical instruments and accessories. They introduced a revolutionary guitar pick that combines the familiarity of a traditional flatpick with a patented thumb ring design. This allows players to enjoy the convenience of switching between fingerpicking and strumming on the fly.


The unique pick from Black Mountain is designed to suit musicians who like playing with their fingers, but also want to enjoy the comfort of playing with a pick. The new hybrid guitar pick uses patented spring-loaded technology. It connects the pick to the thumb ring to facilitate creating new playing options and exciting sounds.

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This patented technology offers a number of benefits over traditional guitar picks. Firstly, the spring adds to the flexibility of the pick so it feels like using a regular guitar pick. Moreover, the spring clamps the ring around the thumb to provide a balance of stability and comfort. This thumb pick is strong and offers great control, warmth, and depth of the guitar tone. It helps players focus on the technique rather than thinking about where to hold the pick.


Black Mountain Thumb Pick


The Black Mountain thumb pick was introduced by a full-time guitar teacher, Cole McBride. He was in search of the perfect pick for himself and his students. It was after a lot of experimentation and research that the idea of a hybrid system was put into practice. The flat pick component of the product is a Nylon pick featuring a beveled edge. It delivers string feel, speed, tone, and durability on guitar, ukulele, banjo, and other stringed instruments.


The spring-mounted holster, on the other hand, is crafted to boast an ergonomic structure. It provides a universal fit so that any player can use it comfortably even if the thumb is too thin or fat. The flat pick is allowed to flex along with the picking motion for improved tone control and dynamics. The thumb pick helps players achieve a more natural and responsive playing experience, whether they prefer fingerstyle or flatpicking.


Black Mountain Guitar Picks – What You Should Know?


The Black Mountain guitar pick is the first of its kind to use a spring. It has a high-quality metal and plastic construction, and an ergonomic design that takes no time to get used to. The guitar picks come in a variety of size options. They’re ranging from medium to heavy and have a choice of spring tension. Regular tension suits most thumbs while the extra-tight version is suitable for those who want a tight fit or have small thumbs.

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