Kraus stringmaster (NOS)


Original Kraus String Master Digital AUTOMATIC Guitar Tuner (NOS)

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A unique guitar tuner: The String Master Digital Automatic Guitar Tuner. It is brand new New Old Stock and dates from the early 90's.

This is an ORIGINAL String Master as designed and manufactured by Kraus Musical Innovations in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Here are some links to the original Canadian Patent Information. These PDF's will open in a NEW WINDOW…

Original Kraus String Master AutoTune Patent Abstract

Original Kraus String Master AutoTune Patent Drawings

It raises and lowers the pitch of the string automatically as it homes in on the correct note value. Some musicians have called this a unique marriage between a guitar tuner and an electric screw driver. For electric guitars, you plug your instrument into the jack at the bottom of the tuner.  Then you turn the volume and tone controls to maximum.  Press the ON SEL button. Place the tuner's peg adjuster on the desired string button. Pluck the string, once about every three seconds or so and the String Master will automatically tune the string to pitch. As with most guitar tuners, your starting pitch should be within about 100 cents or about half a fret of the desired note for the tuner to be effective. There is also a manual mode where the musician selects the string to be tuned.  The String Master does the rest. 

For acoustic guitars, you must supply a pickup of some sort, even an inexpensive stick-on type…  then tune as out lined above.  This tuner will not tune basses, if, for no other reason, the peg winder is sized for guitar tuning buttons only.

This unit is very well built tuner. Excellent fit and finish. High quality molded plastic case. Ergonomically designed body. Well laid out controls. Comfortable feel and easy to use. AND North American made.

This unit is, as mentioned, brand new and still with the original box and includes the original owner's manual…