Revelation RJT-Ghost


The revelation RJT Ghost is a tribute to Fender's 60's marauder prototypes : the the pickups are under the pickguard! It makes for a unique sound and look, and the Entwhistle switching makes the most of the pickup setup.


Revelation guitars offer extreme value – getting UK pickup and electronics specialist Alan Entwhistle in the mix makes these guitars generally more interesting and better sounding than their typical Asian-made competitors in this price range.

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The new RJT Ghost is here! But where are the pick-ups, you may ask? Well, as part of an Entwistle pickups project (Called the Undercover System) this guitar utilises the system to provide an uncluttered playing area, placing the pickups under the scratch plate. This allows for uninterrupted playing, and is ideal for acoustic players who are used to a clear playing area, whilst also being perfect for electric guitar players looking for something a little bit different from other models on the market!