Yamaha silent nylonstring incl orig gigbag


Nylonstring SLG110N for silent practising. Built-in DSP. Headphone connection.

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Yamaha SLG110N SILENT Guitar, Maple, Black Silent Guitar was developed to allow guitarists to play anywhere, anytime and without limitations.


From arena to airport, from backstage to bedroom and from campfire to club, Silent Guitar ensures that your music is always with you and always accessible.


Comparing to orthodox classical guitars, its slimmer neck and lower action lets players create more aggressive style.


The digital effects taken from the class-leading SPX studio effects and industry-standard digital mixing consoles developed by Yamaha Commercial Audio, audiophile quality and the ambience of a warm, small room or luxurious large hall are with you wherever you are. 4 effects are available; Reverb1, Reverb2, Chorus and Echo


Comes with original gigbag. Near mint.