The Guitar Bar

Guitars, repair and maintenance, & great coffee

The Guitar bar is a unique guitar shop with personality that’s the polar opposite of the cold, online-only, anonymous virtual click-screen. You can walk in, talk to the specialists behind the counter, look around, sit back and relax with a great cup of coffee with friends and talk guitar as much as you like.

Specialized in guitars
with professional repairs & maintenance
and a cup of good coffee

The Guitar bar is a specialty guitar store, maintenance/setup/repair shop, ànd a cosy espresso bar all rolled into one. Located in the historical city center of Antwerp, it’s a breath of fresh air for people who like to see, hear, and touch guitars in person, browse around and take their time.

The shop’s inventory goes from quality affordable electric and acoustic guitars for absolute beginners to boutique instruments for seasoned professionals with most stops in between, from basic no-nonsense reliable to the more exotic or rare, new, used and vintage.

Our staff is made up of a guitar retail veteran, an experienced musician, and a talented luthier, and our products range from electric and acoustic guitars to amplifiers, effects, pedalboards, cases, bags, strings, straps, picks, care products, a great selection of guitar parts and more. You’ll find several brands at our shop you won’t see anywhere else in Europe, and we take pride in selling things we like and believe in and look beyond the obvious channels to get them to you.

We take in guitars for setups, maintenance, damage or customisation and repair effects and amplifiers too. Keep an eye on our website and social media or get on our mailing list to find out about our updated inventory and our in-store workshops and concerts. Or better yet, pay us a visit when you’re in the neighbourhood – we’d like to meet you.

Excellent guitar & gear store with a laid back atmosphere. Professional and flexible service by the owners Dries and Walter . No problem at all if you want to try all the pedals in the store for a couple of hours and only buy two. Musicians and gear nerds suffering from the Gear Acquisition Syndrome… Visit The Guitar Bar anyway!

— PASCAL K. (customer)
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The Guitar Bar
Lange koepoortstraat 63
2000 Antwerp


Phone: +32 3 232 00 29