Almansa Guitarra LR-434 Pepe Toldo


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This model is a combined traditional 434 Almansa conservatory style enhanced it with patented Sound Reflector by Pepe-Toldo luthier. With PT Sound Reflector at upper side position, this model offers direct acoustic sound reflector pointing toward the player. The sound hole at upper side consist of multiple parallel stripes holes which effectively redirect every single player’s finger plucking tones for natural acoustic feedback during practice or recording. These important feature eliminates completely hesitation over the sound-system feedback quality if you are performing with amplification system and provides you with greater control over tone coloring that reshape the music.

Practising with PT. SOUND REFLECTOR guitar may enhances your tone producing quality as our ears will clearly capture every single timbre differences against different plucking technique & nail’ shape relative to your fingers tips. The innovation of Alhambra PT Sound Reflector delivers new landscape that the normal guitar unable to deliver to and traditionally only pleasing the audience more than for the player’s feedback benefits.