Burkey six junior pedalboard power supply


Burkey flatliner six junior – super offer!

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The chassis is made of 2 mm steelplate and finished in rugged black.


New style mini LEDs are giving it the familiar Burkey-look on your pedalboard. We have designed an ultra compact toroidal transformer for 6 powerful regulated DC-outlets to guarantee HUM free operation of your effects. A current limiter on each output protects your effects and makes the SIX virtually indestructable and… it is small indeed.




6 isolated and regulated outlets, all adjustable in steps to 9, 12 VDC each @ 100 mA (JUNIOR)

All outputs center

230 VAC 50/60 Hz fused 100mAT

115 VAC 50/60 Hz fused 200mAT

CE 2007

Dimensions: (whd) = 99x52x85 mm

Detachable AC-cord 250 cm

6 cables (straight and angled connectors) included.