Cort Earth 50 easy play open pore


Cort’s EasyPlay has a smaller body size, shortened scale and light-gauge coated strings to help players on their journey. Earth50 is specially designed for novices, but with pro-level features and quality materials for an authentic playing experience.


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There are no shortcuts to success when learning to play guitar, but there are a few things that make the journey a little easier, and that's exactly what you'll love about this EasyPlay guitar.


We're not going to lie to you. It hurts. Those sensitive fingertips go through a lot of torture in those first few months, and many want-to-be players check out around this time. To avoid a great deal of effort Cort shortened the scale length on the Easy Play guitars to lessen the tension on the strings and developed a custom action setup to get the strings closer to the frets.


This combination of enhancements makes the strings easier to press down when making notes and chords and takes the pressure off of your hard-working fingertips so you can keep learning with less pain and less breaks.How nice!


Easy Play guitars are all about comfort. The body shape and depth is smaller than a typical acoustic, easier to hold, and the neck profile has been designed for maximum comfort.


7/8 dreadnought body – solid spruce top – mahogany back & sides

24.75" scale – 43mm nut – open pore finish