Danelectro 56 SC Guitar – Black


Danelectro 56 SC guitar in black.

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One of the first Danelectro models, The 56 (also known as the "U2") SC is a semihollow guitar with a 25" scale and two Danelectro lipstick tube single coils.


Probably one of Danelectro's most recognizable models, the current 56 U2 differs only from the 1956 version in that it has an adjustable truss rod and a metal, intonatable bridge with individual saddles. The sound is still all 1956, and it still is a wonderful guitar for any kind of rootsy guitar music, be it funk, blues, Slide Guitar, Rock, Blues Rock, Country, Americana or Rockabilly. Bright, agressive, twangy and unrefined in the best possible way.