Danelectro 56 single cut bass guitar – black


The Danelectro 56 shortscale bass is a replica of the familiar Silvertone badged, Danelectro made bass Dano used to build for the Sears warehouse chain.


As affordable as it was in the 50's, relatively speaking, it's a great little bass. The semihollow body and shorter scale make for a very comfortable playing experience, the dual lipstick pickups can go from very dark, almost double bass lick "pluck" to a very agressive, treble quack and twang.


The weight, size and balance of this bass make it perfect for guitar players who double on bass and can't get used to having a full-scale ironing board around their necks.

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•Single cut body shape

•“Dolphin” headstock

•29.75″ short-scale neck

•Number of frets: 24

•Fully adjustable bridge

•2 high output, high impedance lipstick® pickups

•1 master volume

•1 master tone