Death by Audio deep animation


Envelop filter with an attitude

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This mangled, filter-sweeping, abruptly overdriving pedal responds to your playing. It syncs its wave-thumping movement with the force at which you play. It multiplies dynamics into a hyper-exaggerated frenzy. It adds just the right amount of movement to punch through the mix and it reacts to an external trigger of your choosing to follow your tempo. The sounds are wild, the thump is thick, and the animation is deep.




Input: Plug an instrument in to this jack.


Trig: Plug another instrument in to this jack and use it to trigger the filter sweep.


Out: Connect this to the amplifier.


Sensitivity: Determines the point at which the filter engages and the frequency range of the filter shift in relation to the input amplitude.


Intensity: Simultaneously blends in the resonance, amount, and grit of the filter.


Vol: Adjusts the output volume of the DEEP ANIMATION.


Frequency Selector: Selects the frequency range of the filter.


Bypass: True bypass the effect.


Up / Down: Controls the polarity of the filter decay once triggered. UP sweeps the frequency from higher frequencies to lower ones and DOWN, the opposite.


Additional Features: There is a subtle light to indicate the external trigger behind the main bypass LED.