deLisle Amp-Speaker Selector 8×8 Deluxe

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The de Lisle Amp-Speaker 8×8 Deluxe was designed to improve workflow in the studio by eliminating the need to re-cable amps and cabs. This version expands on our previous designs by incorporating simultaneous input switching and a bypassable attenuator loop.

Plug in your guitar / pedalboard and send it to any of the 8 connected amps by rotating the Amplifier dial. The amp's output is then sent to the selected speaker cabinet. We've also included an attenuator loop that allows you to easily connect your Ox, Fryette, etc. to any combination of amplifier and cabinet.

The 8×8 Deluxe runs off a standard 2.1mm/5.5mm center negative 9V supply, which is boosted internally for increased signal headroom. Amplifier inputs are transformer isolated to prevent ground loops. Unused amps are muted at the input and switched to a protective load.

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