Digitech Drop-tune pedal


Need a pitch shifter? The Drop does an incredible job.

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The Digitech Drop is a polyphonic pitch shifter that can drop your guitar’s tuning from 1 semi-tone (eg: E down to Eb) all the way to a full octave.


It’s a simple feature and while there have been many polyphonic pitch shifters over the years, there’s a reason the Drop has built up such a wide acceptance since it was released: it does the job extremely well.


Of course Digitech has had plenty of experience with pitch shifters thanks to the Digitech Whammy. As a result, the Drop sounds great. Shifting down a few semitones sounds completely natural and it’s only when you start to approach an octave lower when you start to notice your tone change.


When I compare it to other pitch shifters or even high-quality pitch shifters: the Drop does an incredible job.

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