DOD Envelope Filter 440, Band Pass Filter Pedal


The DOD Envelope Filter 440 is a guitar effects pedal that produces a dynamic filter effect. It uses an envelope follower to control the frequency of a band-pass filter, which can create a wah-like sound when the guitar is played.


The envelope follower detects the level of the incoming audio signal and adjusts the center frequency of the filter accordingly. When the guitar signal is played softly, the filter's center frequency is low, resulting in a bass-heavy sound. When the guitar signal is played more forcefully, the filter's center frequency is higher, producing a treble-heavy sound.


The 440 model specifically has a range of control knobs that allow you to adjust the sensitivity of the envelope follower, the depth of the filter effect, and the resonance of the filter. This gives you a lot of flexibility to shape the sound to your liking.

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