DOD Meatbox, Subharmonic Synth Pedall



The DOD Meatbox is a subharmonic synthesizer pedal designed to add low-end depth and rumble to your guitar or bass tone. It is particularly useful for genres like metal and hard rock where a heavy, powerful sound is desired.


The Meatbox generates subharmonic frequencies by splitting the incoming audio signal into two separate bands: the original signal and a subharmonic signal. The subharmonic signal is then processed and mixed back in with the original signal, creating a sound that is one octave below the input signal.


The pedal features two knobs: one for adjusting the level of the subharmonic signal, and one for adjusting the low-frequency boost. This allows you to dial in just the right amount of low-end rumble without sacrificing clarity or definition in the rest of your tone.


The DOD Meatbox is a classic pedal that has been used by many professional bassists and guitarists over the years, and it continues to be a popular choice for musicians looking to add extra low-end depth to their sound.

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