Elliott Elite 1 3/4″ 16″ radius


Some capo's come in ten different cute colors, others with a bunch of pseudscientific jive about tension or ergonomics. And then there's Elliott. We think it's the best you can get. Tony Rice seems to feel the same way.

We have the largest selection of Elliott capos on the European mainland.

Elliott Elite 16" radius (Blueridge, Boucher, Huss & Dalton, Jim Olson, Martin, Pre-War, Preston, Rockbridge)

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This capo will fit 16” Blueridge Boucher Franklin Guitar Company Huss and Dalton Jeff Huffman Jim Olson Guitars Martin Pre-War Guitar Company (Models D, HD, 000, OM, and O) Preston Thompson Guitars Rockbridge Guitars Rust Acoustic Guitars (Don Rust, Ursa IL)


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1 3/4" 16" radius