Empress Bass compressor


All Analog Signal Path – no digitals in here!

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Extremely Transparent – Add dynamic control without altering the original tone of your instrument

3 Compression Ratios – 2:1, 4:1 and 10:1 ratios offer lots of flexibility

Attack and Release Control – allows for ultimate control over the compression characteristics

Mix – Blend uncompressed signal in with the compressed signal for parallel compression, New York Style!

Metering – Meter both gain reduction and input on separate meters.

Tone + Color – Adds mild harmonic distortion with a mid range cut or an upper mid range boost.

Sidechain Send/Return- 3.5mm TRS jack send and return for sidechain compresson.

Sidechain High Pass Filter – a variable high pass filter that filters low frequencies from the sidechain. The filter frequency ranges from 20Hz to 400Hz.

Improved Low End Frequency Response – To handle those low low sounds, completely flat down to 20Hz.

True Display LEDs – Bright multi-color LEDs always let you know what the compressor is doing.

True Bypass – The Empress Compressor employs true bypass, so you can be sure that it's not affecting the signal when disengaged.

Small Size – New enclosure approximately half the size of the original compressor, which is delightfully small when considering all the features packed into this unit.

Beautiful Case – It has a sparkle you can't deny.