Guild Starfire IV st-12 Cherry Red incl case

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The return of a 60's classic : the 12 string version of Guild's famous semihollow Starfire IV. Comes with a quality TKL case.

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Can you say "Jangle"? Guild's Starfire XII has it in spades. The semi-hollow body and bright mini-humbuckers works great with the 12-string format : a perfect blend of airy chime and meaty punch.


12-string electrics can be an armfull, but the Starfire XII is a surprisingly handy, versatile and playable 12-string. Obviously the perfect choice for the Beatle/Byrds/Britpop stylings of the decade in which it was born, it manages to be surprisingly versatile.


The center-block semi-hollowbody has enough air to be very lively, but is feedback-resistant enough for you louder "RAWK!" moments. It'll do chimey jangly pop music all day long, but plug it into a classic 2X12 combo, turn it up, and you'll be amazed at the rock monster hidden inside.

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