Guild X-175 Manhattan Special gold coast w/ Guild Vib

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Guild's X175 special in a limited gold finish. Laminated maple/spruce hollowbody with a mahogany neck, two DeArmond single coil pickups and a Bigsby. Comes with a Guild case.

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Guild's X175 Manhattan special is a super cool rockin' hollowbody. You'd be forgiven for calling any deep hollowbody a "jazz guitar", and while the Manhattan does Jazz with class, it can do SO much more!


It's not the typical dark bassy pickups/wooden bridge hollowbody – the single coil DeArmond Dynasonic pickups give this guitar an entirely different, yet very familiar voice. These pickups are bright and twangy, while at the same time managing to be pretty loud and fat. The bridge pickup can do a bigger, fatter version of a twangy telecaster, or surprisingly snotty garage rock kerrang plugged into the right amp.


The neck pickup goes from Johnny Smith style "hear every note in a busy chord" clarity all the way to big Duane Eddy twang or even Jump Blues.

The middle pickup position is twangy, transparent, broad and beautiful – it will do shimmery cleans, even funk or poppy arpeggios, and if you turn on the slapback echo it begs for Travis picking or stuttering Rockabilly.


A fantastic looking big hollowbody in an eyecatching finish, that will excel at almost any style you throw at it except the heaviest of metals – we like this one a LOT!