Headstrong Tweed Super 2 x 10” Eminence 1058 speakers

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The BL210 is a replica of the famed 2X10 Tweed Super amp. Coming in at about 30 watts with 2-10 inch Weber Alnico speakers this is a nice mid wattage amp for club gigs. Just the right amount of headroom and dirt for various playing styles. Warm with touch sensitivity that is never hard on the ears!

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The great circuit designs of the late 50s narrow panel Tweed amps, hand wired point to point on fiber boards, Alnico speakers and lacquered Tweed covered solid pine finger jointed cabinets.


The Headstrong Blue Lamp line was the first offering into the boutique amp market back in 2003. Now back in production in celebration of more than a decade in business. These amps will have all the same quality as the originals and an identical pricing structure.


Same cab size as a BL112, but a bit less wattage. The Bias Vary tremolo in this amp is a warm swampy trem that will please the blues lovers.