Headstrong Little King-Reverb 12W 112 ceramic blonde

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The Headstrong Lil' King Reverb is the classic mid sixties 12 Watt AA1164 circuit (prXncetXn Reverb), handwired in the USA in a solid pine cabinet with a 12" Eminence GA-64 Alessandro speaker. Tube driven full size pan spring reverb and output bias tremolo.

Built to last, and with the touch sensitivity these amps are known for, this is a killer amp for the recording studio, stage where high volume is not essential, or home. Hearing is believing.

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Tech Info & Features


12 Watt Tube Powered

2 TAD 6V6 Power Tubes

100% Hand wired

Tube Reverb and Tremolo

Finger jointed pine cabinets

Eminence Speakers

2-Button Footswitch

Front and Back Panels:

Hi/Lo Inputs








Power cord

Bias Pot

1A Fuse

Power Switch

8 ohm Speaker Jack

8 ohm X Speaker jack

Reverb FS jack

Tremolo FS Jack


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