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To honor the artist who made the brand iconic, HS Anderson chose to release this new H.S. Anderson model on April 21st. As most Japanese manufacturers during the 70’s, H.S. Anderson didn’t only produce original models like the Mad Cat, Kite and Houston, but also ‘tribute’ guitars like the HS-4 singlecut.

Fast forward 40 years. The first ideas for what would ultimately become the Sexy MF came to the drawing table 4 years ago, and after years of research and testing prototypes it’s finally here.

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Sexy MF


The concept behind this model is the Japanese “Onkochisin”, which means :

“Developing new ideas based on study and learning from the past”


The Sexy MF was never meant to be the ultimate vintage-correct singlecut guitar, but it’s definitely not a modern recreation either.


Things we learned from the past and included are :

– Long neck tenon

– One piece mahogany body

– One piece plain maple top, or bookmatched 2-piece flame AAA maple top

– Indian rosewood fretboard

– Nitro non-glossy finish

– Monty’s Guitars UK PAF plus pickups

– Neck shape measured from an original ’58 which is slightly more comfortable than a typical ’59 shape


Things we felt we could improve :

– Gotoh locking tuners

– Non-bleached bone nut cut to perfection

– Rolled fretboard binding

– Passive master treble/bass controls replace individual tone controls

– No fret nibs

– Only quality hardware, from Gotoh, CTS, Sprague and Switchcraft

– Strategic tone chambers to improve acoustic properties rather than weight



While other winders replicate one specific set of pickups, or design something based on a recorded sound, Matt from Monty’s Guitars, based in London, has worked on a lot of classic guitars belonging to the biggest names in the UK. Because of this experience, which includes working with A LOT of vintage PAF pickups, his own creations certainly deliver that ‘fat tele’ sound. His handmade pickups are being used by Mark Knopfler, Pete Townsend, Tim Pierce, etc. The pickups in the Sexy MF are a custom wound made exclusively for us, and needless to say, they sound fantastic.


2x Volume, Bass, Treble circuit

We kept the independent volume controls, but assigned the 2 other knobs to master treble, and master bass. The way the treble control is wired is similar to 50’s wiring, so expect useable sounds no matter where it’s set.

The bass control is completely passive, and gradually rolls of low-end energy. At 10, your tone remains unaffected.

Rolling back the bass control will give you clean sounds you haven’t heard from a LP yet, or filtertron-style twang, and even telecaster sounds are within easy reach. The bass control also excels with heavy fuzz or cranked amps to tame the mud.

The master treble and bass controls really expand the tonal palette in exciting new ways, while keeping all the classic sounds still within reach, unaffected. It’s also easily reversible by our dealers should you prefer more traditional control.