Korg Pitchblack X pedal tuner


Pitchblack X – The standard among floor tuners

The new Pitchblack X tuner from KORG convinces all along

the line. A large metric LED display ensures best

readability and a fast tuning process. Thanks to a selector

switch the modes can be switched between True Bypass

mode, which passes the signal pure and unaltered, and Ultra

Buffer mode, which amplifies the signal to ensure a powerful

tone even with long cables and effect chains.


High number of LED meters for better readability

Tuning accuracy of +/- 0.1ct

Power supply via mains adapter or 9 volt battery

Selectable Bypass Modes: True Bypass / Ultra Buffer

Indicator flashes when in correct tuning for even faster


Adjustable display modes: Regular, Strobe, Half-Strobe,


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Out of stock

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