Lehle volume 90


The Lehle Mono Volume 90 is a volume pedal equipped with a precise magnetic sensor enabling it to operate almost wear-free. This sensor uses the Hall effect, named after Edwin Hall, to measure the strength of magnetic fields. In the Lehle Mono Volume 90, the Hall sensor, which is made in Germany, is accurately calibrated to the built-in magnet and the control range of the pedal. The pedal moves only the magnet, the distance is measured by the Hall sensor which controls a VCA.

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Inputs and outputs are located on the side

Ideal for pedal steel players

Equipped with a precision magnetic sensor

Doesn’t include a mechanical potentiometer

Volume from -92 dB (mute) to 0 dB (unity gain), or +12 dB (boost adjustable with potentiometer)

No damping of higher frequencies

No sound loss

With the help of the MIN knob, the minimum volume can be set from 0-90%

Supply voltage is rectified, filtered, stabilised and doubled to 18V

Total dynamic range of 110 dB with a Blackmer VCA

Low-friction bearings

Brake can be finely adjusted

Buffered direct-out as an output for a tuner or a second amp

Power supply via a 9V – 15V DC or oder 7 – 12 V AC (coaxial power connector – polarity is not relevant, corresponding power suppy available under Article Nr 409939 (not included, must be ordered separately)