Mad Professor stone grey distortion


This pedal was developed for high gain applications and specifically for clarity at heavy distortion levels.

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The Stone Grey Distortion is unique in that it has razor sharp dynamics and high gain intensity. It’s ready for drop tuning, 7 string, and modern rock players who are seeking extreme gain with intense “string to string definition”.


Play a chord and hear each note distinctly, instead of it turning to “mush” like many other high gain pedals.


With the gain turned down, the Stone Grey Distortion approaches overdrive-like textures and responds to the player’s touch and dynamics like our other Mad Professor pedals do.



VOLUME sets the output level of the distorted signal.


TONE:: This is a boost/cut “shelving” type equalizer that controls the amount of high end, operating somewhere between a bright switch and the treble control on most amplifiers.


DISTORTION:sets the level of distortion

– lower levels more overdrive-like textures

– higher with heavier distortion.



Never operate the unit with its bottom

removed or damage will most likely occur.


Electrical specifications

Current consumption: 8mA @ 9VDC

Voltage supply range: 7,5-15 V

Input impedance: approximately 500K

Recommended Output load: 50K or higher

Complete bypass (true bypass) and input of circuit grounded when in bypass.


Power requirements:

6F22 9V battery or DC eliminator 2.1 mm plug center/negative and positive/sleeve.