Open-back 1×12 cab with Block Dock. HEAVY DUTY speaker.


300 watt Celestion BN12-300s neodumium in een 8,5kg cab.

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It is a Quilter, so of course it's light! Weighing in at only 19.5 pounds (8.84 kG) it is the perfect lightweight solution to answer the question, "What speaker cabinet should I choose for my 200 watt block amplifier?" Featuring 15mm baltic birch construction with pro audio grade bracing and reinforcement, it is practically bulletproof!


Going for the ultimate in portable performance amplification, the BlockDock 12HD delivers a staggering 300 watt rated Celestion BN12-300s neodymium speaker in a braced and ruggedized cabinet weighing in at a fraction the weight of most rigs. A natural fit for any Quilter "Block Style" amplifier, the 12HD delivers huge power without adding huge weight.