Quilter 101 mini guitarhead


Many players don't NEED the overwhelming power of our 200 watt Block series. A "real 50W amp" is enough juice for many situations. The 101 Series brings Quilter performance to an even smaller and lighter product range, perfect for compact stages and home use. Mount one in our growing range of BlockDock cabinets to build your own custom combo. The 101 Reverb makes a great stand-alone amp as well as a pedal board companion. 

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Power Output:

0 to 50 watts maximum, 4-8 ohms

AC Power Req.:

100–240Vac, 50–60 Hz, 100 W maximum

Input Connections:

¼" mono, 2M input impedance, 2V peak

Effects Send:

¼” mono, 1V full scale, 600 ohms

Effects Return:

¼” mono, 1V full scale, 47K

Headphone Output:

1/4" jack, 4V peak

Speaker 1 Output:

8 ohms, 60-100 W recommended rating

Speaker 2 Output:

4 ohms, 60-100 W recommended rating

Dual Speakers 1+2

8 ohms each, 30-50W recommended rating.

H x W x D

8.5”(218mm) x 7.5” (190mm) x 3” (76mm)


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