Quilter MachII Combo 8″


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The Quilter 8 inch Mach 2 combo is the ultimate grab and go performance amplifier. The smallest and lightest of the Mach 2 combos (Only 19 pounds.), the 8 inch features a very potent high power pro audio driver. A sealed enclosure calibrated to deliver a very balanced and beautiful tone combined with the characteristics of Celestion’s TF0818 speaker deliver amazing low end and a beautiful and articulate upper range. Great for both acoustic and electric instruments, the 8 inch Mach 2 is unquestionably the most extensible and flexible of the Mach 2 lineup. If you are wondering whether an 8 inch speaker can cut it, go ahead and put that out of your mind. It is our top selling combo amplifier for a reason. Combine this with our 12″ extension cabinet for staggering power that will easily handle outdoors or coverage without a PA system.

All Quilter combo amps come with a sturdy ballistic nylon cover included.

User Profile: You are a musician that plays both acoustic and electric and sings as well. • You want the flexibility to get any possible tone out of your amplifier. • You’re a performing songwriter and an amp that accepts both your guitar and microphone doubles as your PA. • You want to hear new and inspiring things from your instrument. • You want the lightest possible weight but don’t want to sacrifice tone or low frequency extension. • You want to sound good and look good doing it.