Radial Tonebone shotgun


The Shotgun is a compact guitar-level signal buffer designed to drive up to four amplifiers simultaneously while fitting easily on any pedalboard.

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Feed four amps in mono or stereo


The Shotgun makes it easy to drive multiple amplifiers cleanly and in phase without buzz or hum from ground loops. In mono operation, connect to input-1 of the Shotgun and you can feed up to four amps simultaneously. For stereo setups, the Shotgun automatically reconfigures when both inputs are used; feeding input-1 to the first two amplifiers, and input-2 to the second pair. Isolation transformers and ground lifts are included on the outputs to eliminate ground loop noise, along with 180° polarity reverse switches to ensure all amps are phase-matched.


– 1×4 mono or 2×2 stereo operation

– Isolated outputs eliminate buzz and hum

– Buffered outputs prevent signal loss

– 180° polarity switches to phase-match amps