Reverend Buckshot (used)


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The Buckshot has a single cutaway Korina body with a medium oval roasted maple neck and a Blackwood Tek fingerboard with a 12" radius. The guitar has 22 medium jumbo frets and a scale length of 25-1/2".


The Buckshot features Reverend's proprietary custom pickups, the Greasy T in the bridge and the slightly hotter Revtron in the neck position. The pickups are designed to provide a balanced volume and tone when switching, and the bass contour control allows you to further shape the sound of the pickups.


Other features of the Buckshot include a tune-o-matic bridge with stop tail, pin-lock tuners for exceptional tuning stability and fast string changes, and a dual-action truss rod for easy neck adjustments.


The Reverend Buckshot is a versatile guitar that delivers a range of classic and modern tones. A great choice if you like a T-style guitar with more versatility and options.


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Reverend design thier own proprietary custom pickups, to achieve the best tonal match with these instruments. Reverend pickups are also specifically designed for each position, for balanced volume and tone when switching


The Revtron: Slightly hotter than a vintage F-tron for extra punch and sustain the originals lacked. 42 gauge wire, alnico 5 magnets, 7.5K ohms.


Greasy T: Slightly hotter and warmer sounding than a traditional T pickup. Fat tone but still has bite and a percussive attack. 42 gauge wire, ceramic magnet, 7K ohms.




Korina (aka White Limba) is a medium-light weight wood, highly prized for consistency and tonal qualities. Often found in boutique and vintage instruments, all Reverends feature Korina bodies. A highly resonant wood, Korina is a key factor to producing these lively, responsive instruments that are rich in harmonics.




This passive bass roll-off is great for tightening up the low end, or re-voicing the pickups. It can make a humbucker sound like a single-coil, or give a P-90 that classic twang. Variable pickup voicing at your fingertips




A thumbwheel under the tuner pushes a steel pin up through the post, locking the string in place for exceptional tuning stability and super-fast string changes. Also, the posts are custom height, eliminating the need for a second string tree.




These dual action rod adjusts in both directions, allowing back bow or forward bow. This assures correct adjustment range is possible regardless of string tension, extreme climate conditions, or the effects of long term aging. It’s also located at the headstock for easy access.




There's a graphite impregnated nut on all Reverend instruments. Graphite reduces friction, allowing the strings to easily slide through the nut slots, improving tuning stability.




BODY korina solidbody.

NECK PROFILE medium oval.

NUT 1-11/16" (43mm) width, graphite.

PICKUPS Greasy T bridge, Revtron neck.

FINGERBOARD Blackwood Tek, 12" radius.

CONTROLS volume, tone, bass contour, 3-way.

BRIDGE tuneomatic with stop tail.

FRETS 22 medium jumbo.

STRINGS 10-46.

NECK roasted maple.

TRUSS ROD dual action, headstock access.

CASE Two-Toned Teardrop (Available Separately).

SCALE 25-1/2".

TUNERS Reverend pin-lock.