Reverend PA1 (zonder koffer)

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Reverend PA-1 Pete Anderson signature electric hollow body

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Reverend's PA-1 is the signature hollow body built for Pete Anderson.


Anderson rose to fame as the guitarist/sideman for classic country/americana revivalist Dwight Yoakam, and has produced records by Yoakam, Michelle Shocked, Buck Owens, The Meat Puppets, K.D. Lang, Jackson Browne and Roy Orbison.


Anderson knows what makes a guitar work in the real world, and Reverend Guitars and Anderson came up with something truly special : a vintage inspired, classic sounding hollowbody electric that has modifications that make it perfectly at home in the 21st century.


A laminated maple hollowbody with a maple neck, two Reverend P90 pickups and a Bigsby that has more to it than meets the eye.


Reverend's innovative "U" brace inside the body makes it incredibly resistant to high volume feedback and stiffens up the guitar enough to have more spank and bit than you'd expect.


The bridge is no longer the floating headache you see on vintage Jazz guitars, but a roller bridge that's set solidly into the body, allowing for more stability, sustain, and no tuning headaches with the Bigsby vibrato.


The Guitar's locking tuners help it stay in tune and make for quick string changes.


Apart from the usual master volume and tone controls, the PA-1 also has Reverend's unique bass contour control that gradually removes bass and low mid as you roll it back, transforming a fat, bluesy, jazz hollowbody into a jangly, twangy guitar that holds its own just as well in a pop, funk, country, rock and roll, or Rockabilly setting.