Songhurst The Rock Slide moulded glass Rhett Shull signature slide, size M (inside 19.5 – length 60.


Rhett’s custom Amber slide is based on Rockslide's medium glass slide. It features a cool satin finger rest and sandblasted logo. All the other features like the tapered interior and knuckle cutaway remain the same.

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Moulded Glass Rock Slides have very thick walls because of the internal taper, in fact, the walls at the opening are 4mm and 6-8mm thick at the fingertip end. That’s about twice the thickness of a typical heavy wall glass slide at the end. A baseball bat has a sweet spot for hitting a home run, The Rock Slide® has a sweet spot too. While it is thick enough everywhere to light up the strings, the extra thick end almost acts as a gain knob which helps bring out the low notes, and makes for killer lead playing.