SurfyBear Spring Reverb compact

The SurfyBear Compact Reverb is a game-changer. Where up until recently, getting pedalboard sized (REAL!) spring reverb was next to impossible, the SurfyBear Compact shows that it can be done.


While by no means tiny, it's an impressively small reverb pedal for it having an actual real spring pan inside.

There's no sound compromise, quite the contrary : this unit is true bypass, so it leaves your straight-through signal alone, dual mix controls you can footswitch between for two different reverb levels, and Surfy-Industries all new decay control.


The decay control sets the length of the reverb's tail, effectively making this unit capable of anything from a dark, short body room reverb all the way up to clattering, splashy drippy surf.


make no mistake – this is not just a retro-spring tank (though it will make those sound if you want it to!), it's a 21st century update of classic spring reverb that makes it probably the most versatile, controllable and best sounding dedicated guitar spring reverb on the market today.


Can you tell we're big fans? 😉

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Finally, we venture into the real "pedal market" with a reverb unit to address some potential customer concerns that a full-size reverb unit is too big. We pursued the idea of making a smaller reverb unit, using the Type 8 Accutronics reverb pan, but we did not want any compromises in the sound. So, we created a "decay control" circuit to handle the length of the reverberation and created this amazing new product.


The SurfyBear Compact features:

– Metal Housing like its big brother, the SurfyBear Metal

– Dwell, Tone, Decay, Volume controls

– 2 switchable Mixer controls in order to configure 2 different levels of effect

– On/Off switch with true-bypass functionality

– At the bottom of the unit the springs are still visible through a window that also allows to pad and “lock” them for transportation

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