T rex Diva Drive pedal


T-REX DIVA DRIVE – Distortion: Elevate Your Sound, Preserve Your Tone

The T-Rex DIVA DRIVE is not here to replace your sound but to enhance it. With the goal of respecting your musicianship, gear, and personal tone, DIVA brings versatility and premium overdrive to your fingertips. No matter how much gain you crave or how you sculpt your low end, DIVA ensures your unique sound shines through.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Overdrive: DIVA adds the perfect amount of juice while preserving your core tone, allowing you to find your sweet spot effortlessly.

  • Virtuoso Performance: Whether you prefer subtle enhancements or a punchy bite, DIVA delivers virtuoso performance at any gain level.

  • Clean Signal Mixing: Take control by mixing in your clean signal for an extra punch, ensuring your original tone remains a powerful force.

  • Tailored Low-End Boost: Choose from three low-end boost options, perfectly matching the characteristics of any guitar.

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