T rex Karma boost


Describing the T-Rex Karma as a mere "boost" is an understatement.

This single pedal offers a multitude of applications. Count on your T-Rex Karma to ensure your solos stand out, even if your sound engineer is a step behind. It compensates for power loss across lengthy cables and numerous pedals, accentuates the gain, and sustains your overdrive and distortion pedals, all while being an excellent standalone effect.

The character of KARMA evolves as you turn it up, delivering unexpected variety and richness through its streamlined one-knob operation.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Boost Technology: The non-linear boost circuit is a leap forward, drawing inspiration from the highly acclaimed T-Rex buffer.

  • Versatile Power: Boost your guitar, bass, or keyboard up to 16dB, offering a subtle edge at higher levels for that extra bite.

  • Elegance in Simplicity: With its refined one-knob operation, the KARMA boost ensures a straightforward and effective user experience.

Experience the T-Rex KARMA BOOST – a boost with genuine T-Rex bite, delivering unparalleled power and versatility in a compact design.

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