TLG12 C112 TW, Koch The Little Gristle, 1×12″ combo, Tweed

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The history of guitar amplification is punctuated by certain eras or models, like the Black-face era or the Plexi Era. However, there is no era as iconic as the tweed amp era of the late 50’s and early 60’s. These amps were (and are) highly prized for their well-earned reputation of world class tone and simplistic controls. They were and are being used in virtually every genre of music and have helped create the signature tones and styles of many guitar players….in fact, you can barely listen to music these days without hearing the influence of tweed amps somewhere in the mix….or at least a tweed amp model.


Koch Guitar Amplifiers in conjunction with Greg Koch (no relation) would like to introduce the Little Gristle!


This twill covered single 12 combo has brought the late 50’s into 2023, for both the vintage purist, and the modern guitarist. The Class A, single ended amp has only 4 controls (Gristle/preamp control, the Tone control, and More/power amp control, plus the Extra switch to add some dirt), and can be switched from 4 to 12 watts.


The Koch designed Power Soak and speaker simulator allows the actual speaker to be disconnected and the amp driven straight into a recording console. Finally, a classic reverb tank completes the package.


Plug into the Little Gristle with your favorite guitar…or any guitar! Dial in something clean or more edgy and you will be taken by the purity and honesty of this amplifier. Like it’s relatives from the tweed era, the Little Gristle reacts to your playing style in a very organic and musical fashion….lighten up on your pick and the amp cleans up….dig in and the amp will bite back…not in a modern overdrive way, but a very vintagy tube driven way that fits with any style of music. So, the question is…what style of amp is the new Koch Little Gristle? Is it a blues amp, a rock amp, a jazz amp or a country amp?


​The answer is yes!


One Channel

Gristle (Gain), Tone, and More (Volume), Reverb

Tubes: 12AX7 / EL34


– Front Panel: Gain Boots, Cab Filter

– Back Panel: Speaker On/Off with Speaker-Load

Output Switch – 12W version: 12W / Standby /4W

Recording Out, with Speaker Simulation

Line Input: 0 dBV

Speaker outputs; 4, 8, 16 Ohm

Speaker: Koch VG12-60

Combo Dimensions 54w x 46h x 25d

Weight 18.3 kg

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