Tokai LSS124 STW (Japan)

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Tokai's LSS 124 is a beatiful recreation of a 1956-style LP special, from Tokai's prestigious made in Japan range.

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Tokai made quite the reputation for themselves in the late 70's, and we're glad to say their japanese made guitars are as good or better than the ones that scared the top US guitar manufacturers of the era.


This is a beautiful tribute to Gxbson's LP special : a flat topped single cutaway solidbody with a mahogany body and a chunky, fifties styled mahogany neck with a dot inlaid rosewood fingerboard. Vintage style bridge and tuners, P90 pickups, and all the fat single-coil Kalamazoo tone you could wish for.


The See-through white finish is beautiful, showing some of the mahogany grain underneath, and looking a lot like a TV-finish "limed mahogany" example did when it was brand new in the late 50's.


Don't mistake these guitars for "cheap imports" – they're extremely well made, serious guitars, built with breathtaking attention to detail.