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  • Surfy Industries' Surfy Bear Reverbs are based on Fender's classic 60's outboard spring reverbs. Not a digital emulation - true analog, mechanical spring reverb !

Product details

The Surfy Industries Surfy Bear Reverb Units are a very clever evolution of Fender's classic 60's outboard spring reverb units, fully analog and with a real mechanical spring pan inside.   No emulation here!

The dwell, mix, tone and volume controls allow very precise fine-tuning of the reverb effect's length, color and EQ.   Not just great (or essential) for surf, but capable of very subtle, atmospheric, dark to super bright reverbs that you can use in almost any genre except maybe the heaviest of metal.

The circuit inside is basically the same as what was inside a Fender 6G15 "Dick Dale" outboard Reverb unit, but instead of tubes, there are FET transistors.    This makes for a much smaller, more practical, low maintenance reverb that retains almost all of the typical sound of the original.

The Metal Surfy Bear has a couple of handy features you won't find on the original :it's true bypass, it has a footswitch on the pedal housing as well as a remote footswitch jack, ànd it has a built in boost circuit with a separate volume knob that allows the player to carefully balance effect and bypass signals, or even boost the reverberated signal a little.

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