Danelectro 58 longhorn bass – copper burst


Danelectro's longhorn bass is a cult classic that's been turning heads for half a century. The semi-hollow construction and short scale make this an extremely comfortable instrument to handle and play, lightweight and on the smaller side for a bass guitar.


The short scale, slender neck and deep cutaways make this a very easy bass to play, and soundwise it's surprisingly versatile – with flatwound strings you can conjure up a very convincing double-bass impersonation, put roundwounds on it and it's a great bass for anything from retro rock to twangy punky agression.

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First made in 1958, this uniquely shaped short-scale bass with its extreme double cutaways give you ample room to groove and its lightweight laminate construction make it even easier to play for hours on end. Heard on countless recordings, this newest incarnation is still sure to turn heads thanks to the body, headstock design and unique stacked volume/tone knobs.