Danelectro Roebuck Distortion


The rebirth of the Mostortion

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Ibanez's Mostortion pedal didn't make as much of an impression as their legendary TS-9 pedal did when it was first released, but in the last ten years it has reached cult status. (check prices for vintage ones if you don't believe us)


Danelectro's Roebuck distortion is a faithful recreation of the Mostortion's circuit, but it also adds two extra clipping modes, making it (even more!) versatile.


Don't let the "-tortion" in "mostortion" give you the wrong impression : this pedal is not a one trick pony. The gain control ranges from clean boost all the way up to fat distortion that's equally useful for hard rock rhythm as it is for sustained leads.


The three-band EQ is the icing on the cake : boost the mids and cut a little bass and you'll swear you're playing through a tubescreamer, or adjust the EQ to taste to your specific amp, guitar, or part in a song.


The original mostortion became a cult-pedal among session players for good reason, Danelectro adds true bypass, a better footswitch, sturdy metal housing with space saving top mounted jacks, and two extra clipping modes. We dig this pedal.