DeLisle 4 x 4 Amp Speaker Selector Reactive

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The de Lisle Amp-Speaker 4×4 with Reactive Attenuator was designed to improve workflow in the studio by eliminating the need to re-cable amps and speaker cabinets.


This version expands on the previous designs by incorporating a built-in reactive attenuator that can be used as a load box for silent recording along with a transformer isolated D.I.

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Delisleguitar 's 4X4 Amp/Speaker selector with reactive attenuator is a unique, handy, clever and versatile box.

First of all, it allows you to connect four tube amps to your choice of four speaker outputs. You can send any of the four amps you connected to any of the four speaker cabinet outputs. The amplifiers not sent to a speaker automatically recieve a dummy load when not in use.


Then there's DeLisle's built in reactive attenuator : Attenuation is linearly variable from -6dB up to -22.5dB. The design eliminates the need for impedance matching at the amp. Just connect your amp's 8 ohm output to the 4×4 Amp-Speaker Selector, then you can use any cab between 16 and 4 ohms.


Still want to connect an Ox, Fryette Power Station or Boss Tube Amp Expander? No problem! The rear panel jacks allow you to insert an external attenuator which disconnects the internal reactive attenuator and D.I. functions.


With the hi-fi quality, transformer isolated D.I., you can go straight into your DAW and load up your favorite IRs. Use a TS cable for unbalanced or TRS for a balanced connection to your recording interface. The 4×4 Amp-Speaker Selector with Reactive Attenuator can also function as a reactive load box. Just flip the switch to disconnect the speaker and record silently. 


The 4×4 Amp-Speaker Selector with Reactive Attenuator will quickly become mission control for your studio. Need help deciding which product is the best fit for you?


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