DeLisle ABY Pedal


We believe this is simply the best active AB/Y pedal available. It features dual buffered and transformer isolated outputs, which means no signal loss, no ground loops, and no tone suck. And the circuit runs on an internally boosted dual rail power supply for increased headroom and clarity. We've also included a phase switch to keep amps or separate channels in phase.


Another user friendly feature – when the Y switch is engaged, the selected A or B LED will remain illuminated, so you'll know which output will be active when the Y switch is disengaged.


This AB/Y is hand-wired in the USA with silver plated 20AWG wire and no PCB mounted jacks, switches or plugs. This pedal is built to last and comes housed in a powder coated, laser etched aluminum enclosure. As always with every piece of de Lisle gear, it's back by a lifetime warranty for your peace of mind.

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