Fire-Eye Red-Eye Twin Preamp


The Red-Eye Twin Instrument Preamp offers a simple, one-box, direct-connect solution for musicians that play two instruments at the same gig or have an instrument with dual pickups. The Red-Eye Twin works well with instruments having passive or active piezo pickups, electret microphones or magnetic pickups such as electric guitars and basses. Performers that find the Red-Eye Twin useful are, for example, those playing fiddle and mandolin, guitar and mandolin, string bass and electric bass or dual pickup instruments.


The Red-Eye Twin’s impedance-matching field-effect transistor input circuit is designed especially to match and track the impedance of passive piezoelectric pickups. That results in a smooth, natural, acoustic instrument tone. Low distortion, low noise, and generous headroom mean that clear tone comes through even when an instrument is played percussively and loudly.




· Input: Impedance-matching, accepts 2 volt peak-to-peak level without distortion.


· Low-impedance, balanced, XLR output, 600 ohms, will drive long cables to mix-board.


· XLR Ground Lift Switch to help isolate AC power ground loop hum.


· A / B Button selects alternate input. Mode Switch allows playing alternate inputs or both.


· Separate Treble and Gain controls for each input. Treble is flat when Control is centered.


· Boost Button with Boost Gain control for amplifying solos.


· Switch converts B-Channel Input to Phantom Powered electret microphone input.


· Runs on 48V XLR Phantom Power, 9-18V Pedal Board Power, or 9V Battery Power.


· Uses the battery only if other power sources are not available.


· Plugging an instrument in or connecting external power turns the Red-Eye on.

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