GREER Relic Drive


The Relic Drive from our friends at Greer Amp in Athens.

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This pedal has a few differences, as well as a couple of tricks up its sleeves.


The controls are basically what you’d expect to find:


– Volume puts out the overall loudness.

– Gain adjusts how heavy the pedal’s sound is.

– Tone moves the frequency from low to high and everywhere in between, with a wide frequency response to go from Dark and brooding to bright and sharp in a second.


In contrast to most of these type of overdrives, however, Nick and crew have moved the mid hump to a warmer, more guitar friendly area, making the overall tone a bit fatter. Plus, there’s more gain than usual on tap with the Relic Drive, making it perfect for both a boost/light drive function, as well as a bigger, louder but harmonic overdrive sound.


These improvements and additions really bring out the power of the Relic Drive, and truly launch it into a new category of screaming overdrive. As with all Greer Amps pedals, this beauty is true bypass, and built with lots of high-quality components and love in Athens.


We promise you won’t be disappointed!