Guild X-175 Manhattan Special w/ Guild Vibrato

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Guild X-175 Manhattan Special in Fjörd Green: Vintage Charm, Modern Elegance


Meet the Guild X-175 Manhattan Special, a guitar that marries classic vibes with contemporary style in the striking Fjörd Green finish.




Unique Aesthetics: The captivating Fjörd Green finish on the hollow body sets this guitar apart, blending vintage charm with a modern edge.


Versatile Tone: Powered by Guild LB-1 "Little Bucker" pickups, it delivers a balanced and nuanced tone—perfect for jazz, blues, and beyond.


Expressive Guild Vibrato: The vintage-inspired tremolo system adds a touch of expressiveness, allowing for subtle pitch variations and smooth vibrato.


Playability: With a C-shaped neck profile, 20-fret rosewood fingerboard, and a 24.75-inch scale length, it offers comfort and familiarity for players of all levels.


Sophisticated Hardware: Gold accents, including the Guild Vibrato, add a touch of luxury, making this guitar not just a musical instrument but a visual masterpiece.


In the Guild X-175 Manhattan Special, experience the perfect blend of vintage character and modern elegance, all in the enchanting Fjörd Green hue.

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