Headstrong Little King-25W S 112 ceramic

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Headstrong's Little King S is a variation on the classic Princeton Reverb. The Classic Princeton Reverb is a 14-Watt amp with two 6V6 output tubes, the Lil' King S has bigger power and output transformers and runs 6L6 output tubes, making it a healthy 25 Watts, through one 12" speaker.




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Headstrong's Lil' King S is the perfect alternative if you love the sound, feel and breakup of your Princeton Reverb, but you wish it was a little louder, with more clean headroom.

The Lil King S has 25 watts output power compared to the Princeton's 14 Watts, but it's still the same classic circuit – and it's not a Deluxe Reverb in disguise.


Handwired in the USA on tagboard with fullsize components, made the way they're supposed to be made, built to last, and easy to service should anything go wrong or wear out.


The 12" speaker in this amp is Eminence's Alessandro-designed GA-64 speaker – as close to a nicely broken in 60's Jensen C12N as you can get these days.


The Guitar Bar proudly is Headstrong's only dealer on the European mainland.