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Fat and juicy with just a hint of fuzz

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One of the most sought after guitar tones is a combination of a great overdrive or fuzz pedal into overdriven tube amplifier. Amber Overdrive produces this sound even when running though a clean amplifier. It produces a very thick sound whether playing chords or single notes – fat and juicy with just a hint of fuzz.


Though highly saturated, this dynamic overdrive can be cleaned up with the volume control of your guitar. As with all Mad Professor pedals, it offers a wide range of dynamics and expressive touch sensitivity.


When you plug it into a clean amplifier, Amber Overdrive can give you the massive sound of a saturated amplifier running wide open. It can also be used as a slightly distorted boost to increase saturation on slightly overdriven amplifiers.


NOTICE: Amber Overdrive is a medium input impedance device that places a light load on your guitar pickups to produce a smoother tone. it will work best as the first pedal in the chain. if you run a buffered pedal ahead of Amber Overdrive you will get an increase in treble and upper midrange.


Build the Mad Professor way: small footprint and big tone.



VOLUME: This knob sets the overall output level of the pedal.

DRIVE: settings from low to center will allow you to control the saturation with the volume control on the guitar.

To use amber as light overdrive set this control at the beginning of rotation.

TONE: This is a boost/cut “shelving” type equalizer that controls the amount of high end, operating somewhere between a bright switch and the treble control on most amplifiers.

TONE: turning this counterclockwise reduces the amount of high end. If you must run a buffered pedal ahead of Amber Overdrive try lowering the treble.


Electrical specifications

Current consumption: 2,5mA@9V

Voltage range: 7,5-12 V

Input impedance: 45K

Output drive capability: 25K Ohms

Complete true bypass and input of circuit

grounded in bypass