Spaceman Apollo VII


The drive and tone-shaping elements of the Voyager tremolo were carefully extracted to create the Apollo VII.

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The simple control interface houses new and refined features while offering the highly regarded tone of the original.

As a tribute to the Apollo VII, NASA’s first three-person space mission, there are three controls: level, gain and tone. Each has been optimized to offer a wide variety of sounds, with up to 40dB of gain on tap. The toggle switch also provides three options: LED clipping, silicon diode clipping, and no diodes. LED clipping offers mid-range focused grit – this isthe sound of the Voyager I. Silicon diode clipping provides a more compressed and aggressive sound with a smoother decay tail. With no clipping diodes in circuit, the Apollo VII becomes much more touch-sensitive and will growl and bark with astounding dynamic variation.



Hand-wired and built in Portland, Oregon, the Apollo VII features true-bypass relay switching with a soft-touch footswitch. On top of the cast-aluminum enclosure sits a durable, engraved vinyl faceplate and jewel indicator light. This pedal is built to last a lifetime, both on Earth or in the vacuum of space.


Input Resistance:

1 Meg Ohm

Bypass Current Draw:

15 mA

Engaged Current Draw:

38 mA

Input Voltage:

9V-18V DC